Community Support Worker Program student Matthew Bantog shares his experience as he prepares for his last week in practicum. Three weeks down, one more to go before I have finished my practicum at the ‘Bridges’ Day Program here in Cloverdale. These past three weeks have gone by fairly quickly, but I have learned so much. […]

In the past, there was an objective to have all English-speakers sound “British or American.”  This focus has changed as the recognition of English as the International language of business, academia and travel has grown. Now, it is accepted and celebrated that English has many sounds.  The English heard in the streets of New Delhi, […]

In this informative blog, Maria of Drake Medox College helps you better understand if you might qualify for Government Student Loans. _______________________________________________________________ Welcome to the first edition of my Student Loan blog series. In this issue I want to give you some insight into the application process for  BC and Canada National Student Loans. Advancing your […]

Drake Medox College’s Activity Assistant Program instructor Preet Brar shares some of her own Christmas memories, and favorite activities to do with seniors over the holidays.   When I think of Christmas a whole lot of memories flood my mind and heart.  Growing up, we always  had two large Douglas fir trees which would inch over onto our patio, […]

November Newsletter Outline: Getting equipped for my studies Selfcare – My Health & Fitness My Finances – Student Loan Tips My Career – Networking & Professionalism Students – Experience & Success Stories Click here to Read More…

It all started when I came to Canada and worked under the Live-in Caregiver program for two years. After I finished my contract with my employer I had no idea where I would go from there. Many questions went through my mind, and there were so many things I wanted to do in my life. […]

Drake Medox ESL program instructor Cindy Cook shares one of her many wonderful experiences during her recent trip to Tanzania as an ambassador for World Vision. _____________________________________________________________ Normally in September, the dry season dictates a hiatus throughout the farming communities of Tanzania. However, Kitinda and Lucia’s farm in Kilago Tanzania was anything but idle when […]