Summer is great time to enjoy time outdoors with seniors.  Once you have equipped them with proper sun attire, eye protection and sunscreen, it’s time to head out for some fun! SO MANY FUN ACTIVITIES TO ENJOY….. Bocce Ball – this is a simple game played with 2 or more players. Balls are tossed on the lawn, […]

As caregivers, we are often responsible for ensuring not only our own sun safety, but also for that of clients we serve.  Therefore, it is critical that we are well informed and prepared to meet their needs. As the following important information from The Canadian Cancer Society quotes… “It’s not about avoiding the sun. It’s […]

Memorizing requires us to: Get information into our brains, and….. Get the information out of our brains when we need to access it It’s step #2 that presents a challenge for many students. A brilliant memory depends on the vitality and health of your brain. In order to preserve and enhance your grey matter, whether […]

“Aim high and hit the mark” has always been Michelle Camba’s motto in life. Michelle started her training as a nursing student in the Philippines as a young lady, and has endured many hardships throughout the years.  Everything she experienced made her stronger, and she says, helped her set goals that would change her life. […]

Mohammed Alsaleh is a Syrian refugee and proud graduate of Drake Medox College’s Health Care Assistant Program. On November 25, 2014, he “won the lottery,” and heard what he refers to as the best three words ever: “Welcome to Canada”. Mohammed’s dream was always to become an Oncologist, and he spent 4 years at a […]

If you are considering a career as a Community Support Worker, one of the best ways to acquire valuable experience to compliment your education and training is through volunteering. WHY VOLUNTEER: Volunteering grants you the opportunity to gain exposure in multiple areas of employment with the vulnerable populations you will be serving. This is an […]

February 14th is a day when people show their love to one another by socializing and participating in activities which demonstrate gestures of love. There are many ways to celebrate and experience love and connection. As an Activity Assistant it is very important to plan to celebrate holidays such as Valentine’s Day, as this day […]


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