Communication Skills-The key to personal and career success!

Communication Skills – Essential to the Success of Health Care Assistants

The students in Drake Medox College’s English Preparatory Program recently discussed the above topic in a recent class.


According to students preparing for entry or already enrolled in the HCA Program, there is unanimous agreement that good communication skills are crucial to the work of a Health Care Assistant.

Three major areas discussed include:

  1. The ability to build rapport with clients and their team
  2. The importance of good listening skills which equates to “listening to understand”
  3. The ability to speak clearly with a respectful tone.

These three skills are a part of developing good communication skills.  The students express that effective communication is needed in all aspects of their work.

  • Working with clients and their families
  • Interacting with the team
  • Communicating with team leaders and other members of the inter-disciplinary team

Clients and Family

Being able to listen to clients’ needs is seen as very important to the work of an HCA.  Students make the point here that communication with clients takes place both verbally and non-verbally, however both methods require skills and care to be effective.  Speaking with clarity and in a respectful manner both with clients and their family members are also integral parts of building rapport.


Students feel that effective communication is necessary for a variety of needs when working within a team.  The sharing of ideas when working out plans of care and problem-solving is one example.  This includes good listening skills in order to hear and consider others’ ideas.  A team which works well together is one where the team members communicate well with each other, in a way that everyone feels an important and respected member of the team.  This again leads to positive rapport, positive relationships among co-workers, leading to great care and service for clients.


Both written and oral reports are part of an HCA’s role.  Students again express that communication skills are needed in order to be a reliable reporter.  This is directly related to servicing clients well, as it is their needs that are being relayed to others.

All in all, the class is in complete agreement that the development of good communication skills is absolutely essential to the training and professional development of Health Care Assistants.  Top quality care for those being served is possible only within a professional team whose members communicate well with each other with the objective of excellent service.

Within their studies in The English Prep Program at Drake Medox College, students develop and practice the skills outlined above, focusing on the communication skills that are necessary to success in their chosen career in Healthcare.  After enrollment to their Healthcare Assistant studies, this learning continues.  Upon graduation, Drake Medox students are well-prepared to exercise their communication skills in a way to best serve their clients.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Drake Medox College Health Care Assistant English Prep Program, please contact our Language Coach Cindy Cook @ 604 629-0196.

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