One of Drake Medox College’s core beliefs is:

“Giving back to our community and those who support our business is important.”


Eleanor graduated as a Health Care Assistant from Drake Medox College in 2014.

Eleanor graduated as a Health Care Assistant from Drake Medox College in 2014.

Eleanor is one of the many students who was fortunate enough to receive a full tuition scholarship from Drake Medox in 2014.  She has since graduated and secured employment in the field; following is her story.

I found the training at Drake Medox College really helped to equip me with all the necessary knowledge & confidence I need to find work as a Health Care Assistant.

Choosing Drake Medox College was easy, especially after being awarded a full scholarship, which I was very blessed and grateful to have received.  I feel that my success in being hired as a Health Care Assistant was because I am a graduate of Drake Medox College.

Throughout the years my employer has hired several graduates from the school, and she has the greatest confidence in the quality of work we do.  In fact, just as I had finished my practicum experience I was hired straight away and now work at two facilities that I really enjoy.

I would definitely recommend Drake Medox College to my friends and family members who want to be a Health Care Assistant for 3 reasons:

  1. Training they provided was really good & they produce competent graduates.
  2. The cost of the tuition is much more affordable than other schools, which I believe is a very big factor; especially when you might be struggling financially.
  3. I found that the staff (both administration and instructors) were very accommodating & helpful.They do their best to help everyone finish the course without any hassles and lots of support.

Overall. I really enjoyed my time at Drake Medox College, and I always looked forward to going to every class. I am truly grateful for the training I received at Drake Medox College, and believe it is because of them that I have now successfully found work in the chosen field that I love.

Director Barbara Fry says:

 “we are proud of our active involvement in the communities we serve, and our support of those in need through our many fund raising efforts and scholarship offers.”

To learn more about the Healthcare programs offered by Drake Medox College in Vancouver and Surrey contact an advisor today at 604 629-0196.

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