There is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to communication.

Speech disorders can affect an individual’s ability to speak, understand, read or write. Speech problems may present themselves at any age,and be a result of many different causes, including such things as a genetic problem, head injury and hearing loss.

Communication is just as important to someone with a speech disorder as it is to anyone else. Difficulty communicating can lead to isolation, loss of employment,and challenges completing even the most routine daily tasks such as shopping and banking.

Communication & speach problems

There are a number of great movies which portray the veracity of the emotional effects of a speech problem on a person’s everyday life.They help to highlight the importance of emotional and social supports,effective communication methods, and how technology can assist in improving the person’s quality of life.

Drake Medox College’s senior instructor Vida says “I have learned a lot from movies about the reality of living with speech problems, and the importance of being patient and mindful of facial expression when communicating.” 

Vida’s Top 5 Movie Picks on this topic:
  1. The King’s Speech (2010) Best-Picture winning

 British biographical drama about King George VI who learns to cope with a stammer

  1. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) French language

A story about a person who suffers a massive stroke; unable to speak or move any body part, except his eyelids. His speech therapist devises a system for transcribing his eye blinks

  1. The Wild Child (1970) French language

This is the story of a child, who was almost totally isolated from human contact until around age 12.

  1. Sound and Fury (2000)

Is a documentary, nominated for an academy award about a family with genetic congenital hearing loss helped by the technology of cochlear implants

  1. Children of a Lesser God (1986) Oscar winner for Best Performance

                     The story is about the relationship of a speech and hearing teacher.

Drake Medox College’s programs are designed to help students prepare to effectively support individuals with speech disorders.  To learn more about the Healthcare diplomas they offer, please contact an admission advisors today in Vancouver @ 604 629-0196 or in Surrey @ 604 495-4208.

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