The Top Ten Tips for College Students

College is a big change and a lot of work. Whether you are attending Drake Medox College for our community support worker program, health care assistant courses or you have come across this article, these are general tips that will help you adapt and integrate into the college culture. These are the top ten tips for college students.

  1. When you are in college you need to take advantage of the social activities that the school has to offer. This helps students to balance academics with a social life. Some students think they are too busy with their community support worker program but when school gets tough everyone is grateful for the friends and fun that is received through campus programming.
  1. If you find yourself in the position where money is tight and you need to quit school or take out a loan, choose the loan. Don’t throw away your hard work, effort and dreams. There are many easy to obtain loan programs that have low interest rates. Just speak to admissions.
  1. Make sure you get enough sleep every night. It might be challenging at first with a new lifestyle, stress and excitement but you will benefit and academics will be easier if you are rested.
  1. If you are extremely overwhelmed, can’t sleep and have had a bad experience such as a breakup or are homesick, see your advisor or speak with a friend. It’s always a good idea to seek help and support to avoid an academic or emotional crisis.
  1. Always show up to class. You will learn more in class than through online wrap ups or your friend’s notes. Don’t schedule classes at times that you cannot make, such as 7:00am. Be realistic and set yourself up to succeed.
  1. Do not socialize too much. You will end up with bad grades and will defeat the purpose of being in school. Everything needs moderation. Sometimes it’s exciting to meet so many new and like minded people but they will still be there when pass your courses but you will not be there if you fail!
  1. Feel free to introduce yourself to instructors. Don’t be shy. Teachers are kind and like to know their students and what their goals and interests are. It’s great to develop a relationship with teachers because you can go to them if you are ever in need of course help or extensions.
  1. Take advantage of your school’s free support services, tutorials and peer coaching.
  1. Always try to keep a cool head. Don’t become angry or negative without first asking yourself if it is really necessary. Between roommates, teachers and peers, there are many opportunities to be annoyed but you have to spend a lot of time with these people so think and cool off before you say or do anything that you cannot take back.
  1. Enjoy the college experience. It’s unique and rewarding!

Drake Medox College has an outstanding reputation for community support worker courses and healthcare assistant programs. Contact us to learn more about the exciting opportunities on our campus.

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