If you are considering a career as a Community Support Worker, one of the best ways to acquire valuable experience to compliment your education and training is through volunteering.


  • Volunteering grants you the opportunity to gain exposure in multiple areas of employment with the vulnerable populations you will be serving. This is an awesome way to explore and get a better sense of what environment you want to work in.
  • Volunteering allows students to practice what they are learning or have learned in class in order to gain more confidence and practical knowledge.
  • Volunteering is an amazing way to enhance your resume with related experience in the workplace
  • Volunteering will connect you with other social service professionals who may become future references or leads for job placements. A professional reference is priceless when starting out your new career as a CSW.


There are many websites dedicated to connecting volunteers with organizations who are looking for extra help.  goVolunteer is a great site where you can select your desired work setting and geographical area.

Drake Medox College’s instructor Brenda Kmety says “volunteering is a gift not only for the organizations you work with and their clients, but is also a wonderful way for the new CSW to receive valuable hands on experience.  Not to mention a fun way to meet new people!”

To learn more about Drake Medox College’s Community Support Worker Program contact Angela @ 604 495-4208, or visit our CSW program information page.

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