Summer is great time to enjoy time outdoors with seniors.  Once you have equipped them with proper sun attire, eye protection and sunscreen, it’s time to head out for some fun!



Bocce Ball – this is a simple game played with 2 or more players. Balls are tossed on the lawn, and points are scored by getting your ball closest to the small white ball called the “jack”.  Inexpensive sets may be purchased at Walmart, Canadian Tire and other retailers.

Balloon Badminton – another game for 2 or more players similar to tennis. It involves using a net, and a lightweight racket or a pool noodle, which are used to pass the balloon back and forth.

Water balloon toss – on a hot day seniors can sit in chairs and pass a water balloon around or stand up and toss balloons. The occasional popped balloon can make this game refreshing and a lot of fun!

Picnics – Find a nice shady spot to enjoy a bag lunch and some cold lemonade. A great opportunity to reminisce about summers past.

Nature Photography – Go for a stroll with seniors and ask them to point out beauty in nature.  Take photos and create a collage or a scrapbook in the days that follow.

Check our Pinterest for more great activities!


Knowing the signs of a heat stroke can save a senior’s life, so stay aware of the signs. A flushed face, high body temperature, headache, nausea, rapid pulse, dizziness and lack of sweating despite the heat are signs that immediate action should be taken. As soon as any of these symptoms present themselves, immediately remove the senior from the sun, give them water, and place a cool ice pack to the back of their neck.

Thanks to Drake Medox College’s Activity Assistant Program instructor Marjorie for sharing these great ideas.  To learn more about the role of the Activity Assistant, and our Diploma program visit our website or call to speak to an admission’s advisor today at 604 629-0196

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