Responding to Challenging Behaviors

At the root of every behavior is the goal of either:

  1. Getting what we want….or
  2. Getting away from something, somewhere or someone


While you can never predict what behaviors your clients may exhibit, you can achieve the best outcomes if you seek to understand the reason behind the behavior before you respond or react.  In order to best support our clients during times of escalation or crisis we need to have first established an understanding of their history and triggers, and above all else a trusting relationship.

Tips for responding to challenging behaviors:

  • Check your own emotions and remain calm
  • Follow pre-planned intervention strategies
  • Focus on reinforcing desired behaviors vs. punishment
  • Be consistent and client centered
  • Always debrief and provide feedback to your supervisor

Easier said than done if you have not received the proper training and support, which is why Drake Medox College has partnered with The Mandt System to offer it’s students the training they need to manage the challenging behaviors they will encounter in the workplace.

For additional information regarding this topic or any of Drake Medox College’s programs please submit the following form.

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