Fun Christmas Activities for Seniors

Drake Medox College’s Activity Assistant Program instructor Preet Brar shares some of her own Christmas memories, and favorite activities to do with seniors over the holidays.


When I think of Christmas a whole lot of memories flood my mind and heart.  Growing up, we always  had two large Douglas fir trees which would inch over onto our patio, and my dad would cut off a branch for our very own  “Charlie Brown” tree.  The smell of pine filled the house as we decorated the tree with popcorn strings, glimmering lights, and homemade ornaments.  We would sit at night with hot chocolate and just be in awe of the tree with our loved ones while watching a Christmas movie on the old box TV.  My dad would take my mom, brother and myself to look at the lights on the houses at night.  Mother and I would bake a cherry glazed shortcake loaf which was divine.  

Reminiscing and incorporating childhood traditions with seniors during the Christmas season is very gratifying.


Try these 6 activities to help bring cheer and love to the seniors in your life over the holidays:

1) Make some hot chocolate and watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”

2) Have a craft night; pop some popcorn and string popcorn garlands on the tree.

3) Host a baking club; make some simple gingerbread or  shortbread cookies.

4) Organize a Christmas reminisce tea social.  Share stories of presents received, traditions, and funny moments from the past.  Enjoy some of the baked treats you made during baking club.

5) Christmas Light Bus Tour:  treat your friends to a bus tour of the lighted houses in the area.  Sing carols on the bus.

6) Share in the blessings we have enjoyed over the past year. Write them down on snowflakes, and hang up them on the tree.

As you enjoy these activities, spread Peace, Love, and Light to all. Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and a very happy new year!



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