A Word of Thanks….

Is joy a sign of generosity (as said Mother Teresa) or, is generosity a sign of joy?

Whatever the case, generosity was shining joyfully on Saturday March 11th at Drake Medox College in Vancouver!  Students, Instructors and Administrative Staff contributed funds far beyond initial hopes and goals.

Bake Sale

A Bake Sale fund raiser yielded $600.00.  This amount will be tripled by the Canadian government which translates to a grand total of $1800.00!!

The Cause?

Maternal and Child Health in Africa through World Vision Canada programs.

How will the money be used?

This money will be allocated to needy communities in a number of African countries – Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sudan, and others – to the cause of improving maternal and child health through the further development of

  • Accessible clinics
  • Community outreach programs
  • Nutrition and hygiene education
  • Assisted birthing
  • Pre and Post-Natal care
  • Awareness education: signs & symptoms of illness, sexual health
  • Availability of Medication
  • Modernization of Healthcare facilities

We thank the students and staff from Drake Medox College from the bottom of our hearts!

Cindy & Mia Cook (World Vision Canada Ambassadors)

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