I recently joined the Drake Medox College team of instructors. I am teaching the Community Support Worker Program at the Surrey Campus. This is the first time that I have written a blog post. One of my supervisors suggested that I could be introduced to the Drake network via this mode of social media, so here it goes…..

For the past 27 years, I have worked in the realm of Pervasive Developmental disorders, predominantly Autism Spectrum Disorders. I fulfilled a variety of professional roles throughout the past nearly three decades of my career, but for the majority I have served individuals on the Autism Spectrum and their families as a Behaviour Consultant.  

I started working as an instructor for Drake Medox in March, and I haven’t stopped learning and changing ever since; I have never evolved this much in 9 weeks. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to teach. I am honoured. I am humbled. My evolution thus far, with no signs of stopping, is of heart, mind and spirit, and has a life of its own. The material I am teaching to my students is challenging and compelling.

Teaching it is an incredible learning experience for me, and my mind is definitely expanding. My students are so full of heart both individually and collectively. They intersect with the course content and sparks fly! They too challenge, inspire and enlighten me.  The possibility of facilitating their development into qualified and capable community support workers, and future team leaders and agents of positive change in our world, literally one life at a time, is both daunting and thrilling. My only hope is that my students are enjoying themselves as much as I am!

I invite anyone interested in the Community Support Worker Program in Surrey to sit in on one of my classes.


To learn more about Melanie and other Drake Medox College instructors visit our website

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