Drake Medox is one of the finest accredited Health Care Boutique Colleges in Vancouver, BC.
At Drake Medox College we commit to:

1. Instruct the clinical, practical and theoretical skills required to provide community-based healthcare throughout all of the course modules

2. Develop and offer flexible program schedules to accommodate as many students as possible

3. Provide instruction throughout the course modules utilizing nursing instructors with current community based healthcare experience

4. Provide practical experience during the program that allows students to practice and develop their skills to care for clients in different settings

5. Evaluate our program following the completion of each graduating class to identify what improvements can be made for future classes

6. Conduct a semi-annual review of community based healthcare services such as home support and facility care to ensure our curriculum will cover the skills and knowledge needed for current service delivery.


Envision your success as a Health Care Professional.
Gain the knowledge, experience & skills to help care for those in need.
We offer flexible schedules, a supportive network of staff & students, and hands on training in a community-minded environment.

Receive your Diploma in as little as 6 months!

Come study in the Heart of Vancouver.
Make your future brighter with Drake Medox College.

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